You can save time if you want to do online classroom.  This does not change the price, but it does save you time to get your CDL sooner.  



OTHER truck driving schools have large classes- up to 12 sometimes- which will NOT make for learning to become a good driver!  At this time our school will only take up to  6 -7 new students every Monday.  Since the FMCSA rules changed to having to HAVE to attend a school now before getting the CDL, we have been over-welmed.  We try to keep the amount of students as low as we can however.  This is for more 1 on 1 teaching and a more family like atmosphere.  Trucking companies are not only searching for truck drivers- they are searching for 

GOOD QUALITY truck drivers!  

Come visit us or fill in registration/application form and we will call you back!  (502-314-2695)

Delivering a complete CDL learning experience.

A Full-Service Trucking School


Our price is the lowest around. 

  • $3300 cash or check
  • $3399 for credit card
  • $3500 if staying in the attached motel ($3605 credit card)

Call to get on the schedule - 502-314-2695 or fill out application below and we will let you know your spot is reserved! 

New procedures to begin the school---must have your Class A CDL permit (before starting classes.) You must also have a DOT drug test with results.  The permit and the drug test results must be emailed to [email protected] BEFORE starting classes.  

We are having such an over welming response to come to our school to get your CDL with the new law in February that it is MANDATORY that you go through a school to obtain your CDL.

We do have to restrict the number of students to be able to teach to provide quality drivers. Because of this, we are only accepting students that can read and understand English FLUENTLY.  FMCSA has qualifications that must be met to become a CDL Class A holder.  

§ 391.11 General qualifications of drivers.

(a) A person shall not drive a commercial motor vehicle unless he/she is qualified to drive a commercial motor vehicle. Except as provided in § 391.63, a motor carrier shall not require or permit a person to drive a commercial motor vehicle unless that person is qualified to drive a commercial motor vehicle.

(2) Can read and speak the English language sufficiently to converse with the general public, to understand highway traffic signs and signals in the English language, to respond to official inquiries, and to make entries on reports and records. 

We will be testing every student before accepting into our program to verify that student can understand English and have a conversation speaking good English.  We are NOT discriminating - this is for the safety of our other students and instructors. 

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          WHY OUR SCHOOL? 

-small personalized attention

- 100% passing rate!

- MUCH MUCH more practice time with our school than other schools!

-taught by instructors who have "been there, done that" experience

-accepted by Work One, Self pay, Indiana Vocational Rehab, Kentucky Works,  etc

-openings almost immediately 

-we are in connection with many local companies as well as over the road companies to get you in a truck driving right out of school!

- see all of our positive comments on GOOGLE! 






FIE Truck Driving School never gave up on me.  I didn't pass the first 2 times of the final CDL.  The school didn't charge me any more money to go take the test again, but Mark set aside special time in the evenings to help me through the brake test which I was having a horrible time getting through.  I finally passed on the 3rd try and will tell everyone I know that this place is the best place to go if you want to get your CDL!  Corina V. 

This company has got to be the best school to go to in this area to get your CDL!  I spoke with someone yesterday at their testing place and this will be the 3rd time taking her test and paying thousands and thousands of dollars at 2 different schools to get this education.  She said she got 2 segments of 15 minutes each of actual driving and practice time!  HOW CAN THAT HAPPEN???  At FIE Truck Driving School- I had so much practice I got tired of it!  I know I am going to be a great driver thanks to the education I received at this school.  Jeff T. 

I researched out the local schools to see which one would be the best.  I am NOT at all disappointed with the great teaching I got at FIE Truck driving school.  The instructors were patient and very understanding.  There were a couple of students in my class that just didn't get it but the teachers were always there to help get it through to them.  I recommend this school to get your CDL.  

I started on a Monday and had my CDL Class A 3 weeks later and passed on my first try.  I recomend this school highly. - Christina A. 

There was a 4 week wait to get into a different school much closer to me.  I was able to get into FIE Truck Driving School the following Monday.  They taught me everything I needed to know to pass the test and am currently working a local job (which they recommended me to) and am extremely happy.  The company I work for says I have been a good driver from day 1 and I give that credit to this school for teaching me what I needed to know.  They care a lot and help me with anything I needed.  I got TONS of practice- which I feel is what got me to the position I am in right now.  Thank you Mark and all the other instructors for helping me achieve this dream of mine.  Danny H. 

I wasn't able to get the grant money from the state because apparently I made too much money :-(.  But I asked this school what they could do with helping me out financially and they worked with me and even gave me the 50% off discount even though they weren't offering it at that exact moment.  They really care and want to help people get their license.  You can tell with their attitudes and caring from day 1 till the end.  My brother is going to go there now too.  I lived quite far away (about 45 min. drive every day one way) but they let me stay at the motel hooked to the school for free during the week so I saved a ton of gas and time!         Arquel M. 

Highly recommend this school.  I guess they are going to be having a 2nd school location in Corydon here soon which I wish we had when I went there, but I still would go to Leavenworth because the price was great and I passed on the first try and from what I understand, a lot of students don't pass for the first or second try. I was taught well and what I needed to know to pass.  Thank you FIE- Matt S. 

I was all set to attend a different truck driving school in November.  At the last minute I read some of your comments on this website.  I had been apprehensive from day 1 about this other school- they just didn't seem to care anything about me.  I was just another student to push through to get my money.  FIE wasn't like that.  They truly are a "family oriented" place.  (probably because a lot of them are actually related) I never had to get anyones attention to help with a problem area.  I made some friends along the way with the other students because it is such a laid back place- my nerves never gave me a problem and I believe I got the best education I could have asked for.  I passed on my second try taking the test which I was told was very common.  Nerves seem to take over a lot of people on the first try.  Thanks FIE-- I am working full time at a local place able to be home every night, no weekends or holidays.  If I had known this earlier, I would have searched FIE out a long time ago!    Marcus A

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